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Sturf we Lyk
This is an undertaking

Hey guys, it's been a while, right?
Anyways, INFINITE is back with their uniquely electric sound! Man in Love (or 남자가 사랑할 때 in Korean Hangul) is one of the group's best comebacks! Woollim Ent. kept each and every one of their anxious INSPIRIT followers on the lookout for teasers, which were released over a week time period starting on March the 13th and ending on March the 19th.

Here is a corresponding list of the teasers in chronological order as well as the upload dates:

The formatting killed me...

So the thing I personally liked about the teasers, aside from the looks of the boys ;), was how different each of their situations were from each other. Sungjong had a kitten delivered to his door, Dongwoo just doodled on the staircase like the 5-year-old he is, and Sungyeol was cooking a decent looking meal for someone. Although they were different, they had the same consistent appearance with the use of the lighting and muted wardrobe choices. They really came together seamlessly in the actual video.

INFINITE's Man in Love M/

Overall the concept of the music video is great. It cleanly shows the melodramatic effects that women have on men. Maybe not everything is accurate, but with Myungsoo walking around and carrying his phone with him everywhere, Hoya going to a boutique-ish looking place to buy a gift, and Sungyeol cooking, guys probably do this type of thing every once in a blue moon if it's a girl they're really into.
However with Dongwoo, he just sort of writes notes all over the walls and filling a book with them. The close ups in the journal show the characters for 'I love you' and all that jazz, but I mean unless he intends to give it to his girl, there really isn't a purpose in it to me. Sungkyu walks past Myungsoo at one point in the video and he looks at him with this "What the hell's this guy's problem?" kind of look. Then later we see that LeaderKyu has fancied up this rooftop patio for his lover.

We also have some member interaction going in the video. In the beginning, Dongwoo passes Sungjong's dorm/apartment on his way up the staircase he's vandalized with love poems and such. Which is where the video kind of starts; with Sungjong and his kitten. As I mentioned before, we have Sungkyu pass Myungsoo on some ramp or slope thing on the campus of their made up university also.
From here on out, there isn't really crossing of paths that I caught, however I noticed that not everyone is at said university. Assuming the living quarters are in the same general facility as the main campus, only four of the members are in one place. The other three are in their own areas with no real connection.

Here comes the criticism. The concept is a man in love; I get that. However the only member I see interacting with a physical female being is Woohyun and the girl he does talk to seems to be a noona, or older girl. I'm not sure if Woollim intended this to happen, but I honestly think if there were more female actors scattered here and there (aside from the extras in Myungsoo's classroom) the video would be a lot different, perhaps more believable.
Not to say I didn't like the drama parts; I did, although some things that occurred just struck me as a little unbelievable.

The dancing. INFINITE is known for not only their strong vocal abilities, but their staggered dance movements between the members. Best portrayed in The Chaser's dance video, the choreography tries to utilize the seven people they have to work with in the best ways possible. Seven people is a lot, and with the similarities in the heights of the members, having two split rows of people is the better option. Although there isn't a dance version of the video released yet, it looks very promising.

Alas, INFINITE is one of my favorite groups, not becuase of their careless Sesame Player episodes or their hilarious interviews. They all have amazing talent, like it or not.

인피니트 화이팅!!
INFINITE fighting!!

More Journal Entries

List of Comebacks

We have some new releases~!
Here they are in no particular order.

If only I could whisper on here; SHINee's Back~! with their new album Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You (Chapter 1)! Give it a listen here~…
I'll fully review the music video for their title song on the album, Dream Girl~… shortly, but here it is for y'all to watch these boys falling, tripping, and spinning~!

B.A.P is back~! Their crazy plot-twisting music video for the long awaited One Shot~… is what everyone wanted! Their original sound is certainly back!! (Feel better, Himchan, who fractured his fingers recently.)

Rookie group of last year, NU'EST is back again with their music video for Yeoboseyo~… about how badly cheating can get out of hand~ GIVE THEM SOME LOVE!!

SISTAR19's new single Gone Not Around Any Longer~… and I absolutely love this so much, it came out on January 30th! SISTAR hwaiting~!

DMTN's wonderful release Safety Zone~… I absolutely love the vocals in this~!

BoA's new song called Disturbance~… which features Taemin the maknae of SHINee looking all handsome and such with his lovely new hairstyle~!

C.N Blue's new album RE:blue~
and their m/v for their title song I'm

VIXX's On and On~ in which all of them are just outstandingly strong with appearance and vocals. These boys are truly amazing artists~!

B.A.P's Rain Sound~ which is a message to their BABYZ wanting them to know that if they ever do something bad, they're sorry and they'll try to be better in the future.

Then lastly we have Infinite H's Special Girl~ and Without U~… and both songs are amazing with Featured artists Bumkey and Zion. Great work guys~!







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